The Historic Royal Burgh of Kilrenny and Anstruther: Churches, Manses & Schools


Local history of churches, manses and schools

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The history of priories, monasteries and churches in Kilrenny and Anstruther extends far back in to the first millennium. This is a written account of religion and education in the area up to the present including reference to all churches and schools in Kilrenny and Anstruther, the site of each being shown on a map at the centre of the booklet.


The Early Church, Anstruther & Isle of May
Kilrenny Church
Cellardyke Church
Anstruther Wester Church & Manses
Anstruther Easter Church & Manse
James Melville and the old Manse
Evangelical Church
Chalmers’ Memorial Church
United Presbyterian Church
Baptist Church & Manse
Anstruther Wester School
Burgh & Free Church Schools
Kilrenny School
Cellardyke School
The Waid Academy
Vocational Training
Cultural & Social Activities

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