From the South Seas to the North Sea: The Story of Princess Titaua of Tahiti


by Fiona J. Mackintosh

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‘In a graveyard of St Adrian’s Church in Anstruther, a pink granite gravestone is attached to the kirk’s exterior wall. It is surrounded by other stones that bear names that have been borne by the natives of the town for centuries – Rodger, Watson, Anderson, Bruce, Murray. In contrast, this particular gravestone bears a name that comes from another world entirely.

“In Loving Memory of Tetuanui reiaiteraiatea, Princess Titaua Marama, Chiefess of Haapiti.
1842- 1898”

Below this stone lie the remains of Anstruther’s Polynesian Princess. Born in the lush tropics of the South Seas, she married a Fifer and came 10,000 miles across the world and ended her days on the shores of the cold and stormy North Sea.’

Thus begins our book on Anstruther’s Tahitian Princess, written by Fiona J. Mackintosh, an American-based author whose family hail from Anstruther. The book presents a vivid picture of a woman who lived a life full of incident and drama in two separate continents half a world away from each other. We were delighted when Fiona offered her book for publication by the Burgh Collection, and are pleased that it has become so popular around the world.

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