Photo Exhibition Success

Our photographic exhibition was one of our most successful ever events, attracting over 400 visitors, with many buying books and postcards as well as donating to our charity. We will be taking the photo project forward after our annual meeting later this month so in the meantime here is an image of our youngest subjects, in the (then) Little Neuk Nursery, taken by Calum Archibald

Keeping Busy – Images of People at Work in Anstruther and Cellardyke

‘Keeping Busy – Images of People at Work in Anstruther and Cellardyke’ is a week-long exhibition of over 60 photos of familiar faces taken by a dozen local photographers as part of the Burgh Collection project to visually record every local business in 2017. They show how the face of business has changed even though many are trading from premises which go back over 100 years.Look out for the posters for our exhibition appearing in shops around town. Exhibition opens in Sun Tavern, Scottish Fisheries Museum on Monday 4 September.

Robert Bruce Lockhart

It is 100 years since the Russian Revolution, and a vivid eye witness account was written by the flamboyant British Consul General , Robert Bruce Lockhart, who was born in Anstruther in 1887.  In 1918 Lockhart was accused of plotting to assassinate Lenin, and sentenced to death, but was exchanged for Maxim Litvinov, the Soviet representative in Britain, and permanently expelled from Russia. There is a commemorative plaque on Waid Academy where his father was headmaster. However that is the extent of his connection to the town. In his biography he writes “The truth is I remember nothing of Anstruther …I left when I was ten months old . Until this year I have never revisited it ” This was written in 1937, when he was 50 years old.