Anstruther: Illustrations of Scottish Burgh Life

By George Gourlay

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A fascinating book which provides an invaluable insight into life in Victorian Anstruther and a source book for all subsequent histories of the area. George Gourlay trained as a printer and bookbinder and worked in his father’s shop when it was still a news and coffee room. He sent the stories he heard to Fife newspapers and later published them in book form. The Town Clerk’s office had moved in 1856 to rooms above the Gourlay shop and it would appear that George had access to the Burgh council minutes. As many of these have subsequently been lost, Gourlay’s record is now invaluable.

Anstruther: Illustrations of Scottish Burgh Life

This reprint gives us a wonderful insight into life in the old capital of the Fife fishing industry.

Facsmile copy of original book published in 1888, with new introduction and copy of survey map provided by the National library of Scotland. Copyright of Publishers, Kilrenny and Anstruther Burgh Collection.